About Us

A huge and heartfelt welcome to Spellbound!

Thank you for taking the time to look at our beautiful, luxury, holistic products and we are delighted to have finally launched our first range in the UK!

As you can imagine, this endeavour has been no easy task during lockdown but has certainly given us something to focus all our creativity and energies on the last few months.

What a year 2020 has been! With so much anxiety and worry at the start of the year, it has been very cathartic and truly wonderful to come together again as a mother and daughter – torn apart by a global pandemic - to create something that is so dear to our heart, souls and minds.


Chanelle Fry is a Mum and wife from London, UK and has had great success in the last few years building her empire. Currently one of the top Network Marketing Female leaders in the industry, international speaker, trainer and Business Coach with a huge focus on freedom, travel and helping women create passion led businesses.

Caroline Ray, Mum to Chanelle, also from London, UK has had a long, successful career in education and previously worked in media.  However, we have one underlying similarity, that binds us together from these different career paths; the ultimate desire to liberate and empower those around us through mindset, education, sheer belief, and determination.

 As anyone who knows us will testify – we are both complete candle freaks! The joy of lighting a beautiful candle and fully absorbing the fragrance and vibe is addictive isn’t it? There is no doubt a wonderful, lingering scent can lift your mood, invigorate, relax, and calm you - and let us be honest - who does not need that at the moment?

With that said, we decided to take that idea one step further and harness the healing and manifesting power of intention, mindset, botanicals, crystals and more, to holistically compliment that vibe. 

Expect more than candles...

In every sense. 

Our candles hold power in their intention, in their beauty and craftsmanship. 

But this is a brand that will be bringing you more and more... we aim to push the boundaries! Just like we do in our lives, we don't settle. We believe in a life of evolution, growth, support and positivity.

So make sure you are signed up to the mailing list (at the bottom of the website) to get a first look at what unfolds....

 We sincerely wish you all good things, now and the future. We believe we will come through this stronger, wiser, kinder and even more determined, so keep the faith and remember your mindset matters!

With much love

Chanelle & Caroline